Are Coffee Pods Real Coffee?

One of the most popular ways people take their coffee is from a machine and coffee pods. This more likely is via a Nespresso machine. These household favourite coffee pods are often questioned whether or not the coffee inside is real or even ultra-processed? In particular, is the coffee inside of Nespresso real and does this affect the level of caffeine inside?

Who created Nespresso?

The business was created by Eric Favre, a Swiss engineer who had an aim to create an Italian-like espresso but in the comfort of the users home. Their pods are also vegan too.

Where does Nespresso get their coffee from?

From the earnings from their items, they reinvest this into the supply chain and the production of their coffee which takes place in South Sudan (where the growth of coffee began before it transferred to mostly being based in South America).

Due to the economic landscape there they have invested in an anti-poverty NGO to increase their exportation of coffee. They train their farmers and pay them a “premium price” for their crops so that they can improve their life and living arrangements. 

They also created the “AAA Sustainable Quality” in collaboration with The Rainforest Alliance and thus far, 63,000 farmers are on the program and a total of 80% of those supply the coffee to Nespresso for their products.

How and with what are Nespresso pods packaged in? 

The Nespresso pods are certified as recyclable. However, they cannot be recycled with everyday household waste. The only way that they can be recycled is at a local Nespresso shop or in a designated recycling bag which must be dropped off at your local collect plus drop off point. They are not biodegradable, but others are compatible post for Nespresso machines that are biodegradable.

What is inside a Nespresso pod and how much caffeine is in it?

Each Nespresso pod contains varying levels of caffeine. Common fan favourites such as Robusta and Arabica contain 2.4% and 1.4%  levels of caffeine. It has been reported that the Arabica classic pod contains 60 milligrams of caffeine. Each pod contains approximately 5 grams of coffee and a Lungo pod around 5.5 grams.


Overall, the coffee used in Nespresso is real coffee and contains substantial levels of caffeine for a morning beverage and will certainly wake you up for the day ahead. The coffee from a Nespresso pod is real and will provide you with an Italian-inspired coffee that will keep you alert for the rest of your day.