Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Of all the pleasures in life, the smell and taste of freshly brewed coffee is hard to beat.

For caffeine lovers like me, a bean-to-cup coffee machine is a dream come true. This super saviour machine allows you to enjoy the freshest possible coffee by grinding the beans just before brewing.

With a wide range of options on the market, finding the perfect bean-to-cup coffee machine can be overwhelming. Today, I’ll take a closer look at some of the best bean-to-cup coffee machines available and help you choose the one that’s right for you.

So, grab a cup and let’s dive in!

How I reviewed the bean-to-cup coffee machines 

I’m a coffee fiend. I understand the importance of a good cup of coffee to kickstart your day or perk you up in that midday slump.

I also understand that not all bean-to-cup coffee machines are created equal. Here’s how I evaluated the machines I tested:

Value for Money: While it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option, I’ve found that investing in a quality machine is worth it in the long run. That said, I’ve also taken into account the price point and whether the machine offers good value for £££.

Quality of the Grinder: The size of the coffee grounds can greatly affect the taste and strength of your coffee. That’s why I’ve assessed the quality of each machine’s grinder to ensure that it can produce consistent grounds that are neither too fine nor too coarse.

Maintenance: Let’s be honest, nobody wants to spend hours cleaning their coffee machine. How easy is it to maintain? Does it have self-cleaning features?

Additional Features: Any additional features that each machine may have, such as the size of the water tank, the type of milk frother (automatic or steam wand), and any other bells and whistles that make the machine stand out. Brownie points for any machine with built-in latte art puppies.

Spoiler, there’s no latte art puppies.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the reviews and find your next caffeine companion!

Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

1. Sage Barista Express

Best for: All Rounder

Rating: 9/10

The Sage Barista Express is fully kitted to ensure you make a great cup of coffee every time.

If you’re looking for an outstanding bean-to-cup coffee machine that offers excellent value for money, the Sage Barista Express is the one.

Consistent, high-quality coffee with minimal effort and is easy to maintain. Let’s be honest, what more could you want?

Value for Money: The Sage Barista Express is on the pricier side, but I’m saying it’s worth every penny. It’s a high-quality machine that offers excellent value for money, especially when you compare it to other bean-to-cup machines in the same price range.

Quality of the Grinder: It comes with a built-in conical burr grinder. This sounds fancy, but it basically just means that it delivers consistent, uniform grounds. The size of the grind can be adjusted to suit your preferences, so you can achieve the perfect extraction for your coffee every time. The grinder is easy to use and produces minimal heat, which ensures that your coffee stays fresh and flavorful.

Maintenance: Thankfully, cleaning the Barista Express is a breeze. The machine features a self-cleaning function that flushes out the milk wand and rinses the coffee grinder, making maintenance a hassle-free experience. The drip tray and water tank are also easy to remove and clean, keeping the machine in tip-top condition.

Additional Features: The Barista Express has a 2-litre water tank, large enough to make a good few cups of coffee without the need for constant refilling. It also has a steam wand that allows you to froth milk to your desired texture and temperature.

2. De’Longhi All-in-One

Best for: Budget Option

Rating: 7/10

If you’re looking to get started with bean-to-cup coffee machines, the De’Longhi All-in-One is your winner.

While it may not offer the same level of quality and features as higher-end models, it still delivers a decent cup of coffee at a reasonable price.

Value for Money: The De’Longhi All-in-One is an affordable option, that’s the best way to put it. It’s a great choice for coffee lovers who want to enjoy the benefits of a bean-to-cup machine without breaking the bank. Although it may not be as high-end as some of its more expensive counterparts, the All-in-One still delivers a decent cup of coffee at a fraction of the cost.

Quality of the Grinder: The All-in-One comes with a built-in grinder that offers a decent level of consistency in the grind. However, the grinder can be a bit loud and may produce some heat, which can affect the quality of the coffee. That said, the machine’s adjustable grinder settings allow you to customise the grind size to your liking, ensuring a good extraction.

Maintenance: Like the Sage Barista, the All-in-One is easy to clean and maintain, thanks to its self-cleaning function. The machine will automatically rinse the milk wand and clean the brewing unit after each use, which saves you the time and effort. The water tank and drip tray are also removable and easy to clean.

Additional Features: It has a 1.4-liter water tank, which is still more than enough for a few cups of coffee. It does have a built-in milk frother that can produce frothed milk for cappuccinos and lattes, BUT it’s not very powerful. I wouldn’t personally use it.

3. Sage Oracle Touch 

Best for: The ultimate bean to cup coffee machine…if you have the budget

Rating: 10/10

The Sage Oracle Touch is the ultimate bean-to-cup coffee machine for those who demand the best of the best. It comes with a hefty price tag, but if you’re a coffee enthusiast with a taste for the finer things in life, this is the holy grail.

Value for Money: The Sage Oracle Touch is undoubtedly a top-of-the-line machine that comes with a premium price tag. However, for coffee connoisseurs who are willing to invest in a high-end machine, the Oracle Touch is worth every penny. 

Quality of the Grinder: It features a commercial-grade conical burr grinder that delivers exceptional precision and consistency in the grind. It also has a unique “dosing” technology that ensures the perfect amount of coffee is ground for each shot. This level of precision ensures that the coffee is perfectly extracted, resulting in an unmatched taste and aroma. The best of the best. 

Maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining the Oracle Touch is as easy as 1,2, 3, thanks to its automatic cleaning and descaling functions. It also has an easily removable brewing unit, drip tray and water tank that make maintenance a hassle-free experience.

Additional Features: How long have you got? The Oracle Touch boasts an impressive list of additional features, including a touchscreen display that allows you to customise your coffee settings and save your favourite drinks. It also has an automatic milk frother that produces perfectly textured milk for cappuccinos and lattes, as well as a 2.5-liter water tank that reduces the need for frequent refilling. 

4. Gaggia Cadorna Prestige

Best for: Fully automatic option

Rating: 7/10

If you’re in the market for an automatic machine that offers decent value for money, the Cadorna Prestige is definitely worth considering. Think high-quality fully automatic machine that delivers top-notch coffee quality with minimal effort.

Value for Money: It is a high-quality fully automatic machine that offers excellent value for its price. It delivers exceptional coffee quality with minimal effort, making it an ideal choice for busy coffee lovers who want convenience without sacrificing taste. Although it’s not as expensive as some of the high-end models, the Cadorna Prestige still boasts advanced features and superior performance.

Quality of the Grinder: The Cadorna Prestige features a ceramic burr grinder that ensures consistent and precise grinding, resulting in perfectly extracted coffee. The grinder has 10 adjustable settings, allowing you to fine-tune the grind to your preferred taste. Talk about fancy.

Maintenance: Even better, it is easy to clean and maintain, thanks to its automatic cleaning and descaling functions. It has a removable brewing unit that can be easily washed, and the milk carafe can be cleaned with the press of a button. 

Additional Features: It has a one-touch milk frothing system that produces silky, smooth milk for cappuccinos and lattes, as well as a 1.5-liter water tank and a bean hopper that can hold up to 10.5 ounces of coffee beans. The machine also features a customizable user profile that allows you to save your favourite coffee settings for quick and easy brewing.

5. Russell Hobbs Grind and Brew

Best for: Not breaking the bank

Rating: 6/10

If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a reliable and convenient coffee machine, The Russell Hobbs Grind and Brew is a great option. However, it’s important to note that this machine is the only one on the list that can’t make espresso, so that’s worth bearing in mind if you’re an espresso lover.

Value for Money: The Grind and Brew is on the list mainly because it delivers great value for its price. It’s an ideal option for coffee lovers who want the convenience of a bean-to-cup machine without breaking the bank. 

Quality of the Grinder: The Grind and Brew features a built-in grinder that allows you to grind fresh coffee beans for each cup. While it’s not as precise as some of the higher-end grinders, it still delivers decent results and ensures that your coffee is fresher and more flavorful than pre-ground coffee. 

Maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining is relatively easy. The machine has a removable filter holder and drip tray, making cleaning a breeze. I say relatively as I did experience a few hiccups, but nothing I couldn’t manage. It’s definitely not the easiest clean though.

Additional Features: The Grind and Brew has a programmable strength selector that allows you to adjust the coffee strength to your preference, as well as a 1.25-liter water tank that can make up to 10 cups of coffee. The machine also has a pause-and-pour feature, allowing you to pause the brewing process and pour a cup of coffee mid-brew. Not the fanciest bells and whistles, but they certainly do the job.

6. Sage Duo Tempo Pro

Best for: Beginner baristas

Rating: 8/10

If you are an espresso-lover, then this might just be a better option. The Sage Duo Temp Pro is a great option for beginner baristas who want to explore the world of espresso-based drinks. While it’s not as feature-packed as some of the higher-end models, it still delivers great coffee.

Value for Money: Again, this is an affordable machine that is perfect for beginner baristas, but who want to make espresso-based drinks. It’s lacking bells and whistles, but it’s great value for money. 

Quality of the Grinder: It has a high-quality conical burr grinder that delivers precise and consistent grinding results. This ensures that you get the best possible extraction from your coffee and allows you to experiment with different brewing techniques.

Maintenance: The machine has a removable drip tray and water tank, making cleaning simple. It also has a dedicated cleaning function that helps keep the machine in good condition.

Additional Features: It has a thermocoil heating system that delivers fast and consistent heat, as well as a steam wand that allows you to froth milk for cappuccinos and lattes. The machine also has a cup warming tray that ensures your coffee stays hot for longer. All in all, a nice machine.

What Coffee to Use in Bean to Cup Coffee Machines:

What’s the point in a great machine, if you have rotten beans? 

The type of coffee you use in your bean to cup coffee machine will have a big impact on the quality of your brew. While it can be tempting to opt for cheaper or more convenient options, it’s worth investing in high-quality coffee from specialty roasteries. 

Why? Specialty coffee roasteries source the best quality coffee beans and roast them to perfection. This attention to detail results in coffee that is full of flavour, with unique and nuanced tasting notes. By investing in coffee from specialty roasteries, you’re not only supporting small businesses and sustainable farming practices, but also treating yourself to a truly exceptional coffee experience.

A few of my favourites include:

Quirky Coffee Co: Quirky Coffee Co is a specialty coffee roastery based in the UK that offers high-quality coffee beans perfect for use in bean-to-cup machines. They have single-origin and blended coffees that have rich and complex flavours that are sure to impress even the most discerning coffee drinker. Sold!

Hardlines: Hardlines is a cool Welsh roastery. Their coffee is roasted in small batches and they focus on interesting and innovative (aka weird) flavour combinations — ie green apple, caramel, and cocoa.

Dear Green: Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Dear Green is another gem. Their coffee is carefully sourced from farmers and perfect for use in bean-to-cup machines, offering a consistent and delicious brew every time. 

Uncommon Ground: Uncommon Ground is a specialty roastery based in Cardiff that offers a range of unique beans. Their coffee is sourced from smallholder farmers and roasted in small batches to ensure maximum freshness and flavour. Top tip, try their El Salvador blend. You’ll never go back.

Investing in a bean-to-cup coffee machine can be a game-changer for any coffee lover.

With a range of options available to suit any budget and skill level, there’s never been a better time to start brewing your own perfect cup. So go ahead, take the plunge, and embrace your inner barista.

Because, as the old saying goes, life is too short for bad coffee!