Coffee Roast Exchange #2: Dan Cashman

The next review from our home coffee roasting community is of some Ethiopian coffee beans roasted by Dan Cashman.

I received from Dan Cashman an Ethiopian Dry Process Kayon Mountain Taaroo from Sweet Maria’s.

He sent me two different roasts of this bean plus some green for me to roast. He also sent me the Bullet profile link, which I roast on. Firstly, I was surprised by the roast level – it was much darker than I would have expected.

All the Ethiopian’s I have brewed and roasted have been lighter, but I like my coffee close to second crack so I was unafraid. I brewed this with an Aeropress and bam – it was excellent! The first tasting notes I got was chocolate then a wave of berry. Then I got a mix of berry, chocolate and baking spices.

It reminded me of Mexican hot chocolate. I was floored, it was super good. Then, I dialed it in as espresso with my Flair and it was very similar to my Aeropress except I got a lot more spice and sweetness. I also did a pour over with a Kalita and this had a nice body and a good balance but not as exciting as the other two methods.

I repeated this for the second roast, and found that the first roast was much better but still quite good.

Thanks Dan Cashman for a great coffee!