How to Grind Coffee Beans

The method of grinding your own coffee beans can be a great way to save both money and freshness. Whether you choose to do it manually or automatically – doing it yourself can still ensure a high quality of ground beans for your morning coffee.

You can still achieve barista-equivalent results without an automatic grinder, by using simple and commonly used kitchen essentials.

Uncommon Manual Methods

  • Rolling Pin – Using a simple, kitchen essential in the humble rolling pin can achieve fast and effective results to grind coffee. Start by placing the beans into a secured bag and lay it on a flat worktop. Then, using the rolling pin bash and grind the beans to a fine crushed form. Repeat this method, using all angles of the rolling pin until fully ground.
  • Blender – Many blenders already have a grinding setting (so check this before use) when using in short and powerful bursts. We recommend doing this in small amounts to avoid overheating the blender and then repeat until complete.
  • Mortar and Pestle – Start by filling your mortar with a section of beans and use the pestle to grind the beans down in a circular motion. Repeat this method until you have ground the full amount of beans required. Then keep grinding until the desired consistency is achieved.

Automatic Method:

Automatic grinders also come in a few different forms. All options can achieve a quality result for at-home grinding.

  • Blade Grinders – These high-speed grinders, use a whir head to quickly grind beans in little to no time and come in as the cheapest to purchase out of all of our options.
  • Burr Grinders – These are often found in many at-home grinders. These work quickly to achieve quick results and can be purchased for all price points. This option is often found on top of an at-home machine as part of a package.
  • Hand Grinders – These are a great option, which do not cost too much. A hand grinder will still provide fine results but the process takes time and a lot of physical rotation until the beans are fully ground.
  • Conical Burr Grinders – These are a more expensive option but are often chosen by many highly-trained baristas and professionals as well as budding home baristas. 


Overall, we would recommend looking at your price point because both methods and options given can achieve high-class results. By either using manual grinding or automatic grinding you can achieve the same results as found in pre-ground coffee whilst preserving the freshness.