How to Make the Best Cafetiere/French Press Coffee

Making the best cafetiere and french press coffee at home is something worth learning how to do. When done correctly, an at-home cafetiere/french press can produce high-quality results that can rival any coffee shop.

So what are you looking for? You are looking for silt and flake-free coffee, with a deep and fresh flavour and we’re going to teach you how to achieve this.

You will need:

  • A cafetiere/french press
  • Freshly ground beans or pre-ground coffee
  • Fresh and unfiltered soft water


  • Milk or your favourite alternative
  • Your favourite cup or mug

It takes time and patience but is worth the wait. Here is are our guide to make the best cafetiere/french press.


Step 1: Starting with the Essentials

The coffee

Before you start with your cafetiere, you will need to pick the best cafetiere coffee or get some coffee beans that can be ground fresh (which will ultimately taste better too).

You should use aim to use around 60-70 grams per litre.

The water

For the best and optimised coffee, fresh, filtered and soft water will provide the best tasting results. If you use hard water it will not add a good taste to the coffee.

Step 2: Bean to Water Ratio

Once you have ground your coffee add it into your cafetiere/French press. We advise you to ground your beans to a medium coarse grind.

Then add just off the boil water on top of your ground beans.

The best ratio for beans to water is a 1:15 ratio, which converts to every gram of coffee to add 15 grams of water. Obviously, this is dependant on the number of people you are making the cafetiere/French press coffee for.

Step 3: Sit and Wait

Now let both the ground coffee and water sit for 4 to 5 minutes to allow for the flavours to combine and the flavour to deepen.

Step 4: Sift Out Any Leftover Flakes

Using a large utensil or tablespoon stir the crust and top of the french press that have formed on the top of the coffee. This crust will be made up of foam and flakes, the flakes if you prefer can be taken out or left in depending on your own preference.

Step 5: Rest for Another 5 Minutes

Continue to let the coffee rest for another 5 minutes after string the top. This step is often overlooked and not one to be skipped or left out, the wait will be worth it in the end.

In this time the flakes from the top start to make there way down to settle at the bottom and bed of the coffee.

This time can be a great time to prep your accompanying breakfast or brunch while you wait for the coffee.

Top tip: the longer you leave it, the better it is going to taste.

Step 6: Insert the Plunger

Put the plunger in the cafetiere/french press and push down slowly but not all the way. The best position is just on the surface of the coffee.

If you push it down all the way to the bottom it will disturb the bottom of the bed of the ground coffee. This will disrupt the flavour and make all of the waiting not worthwhile.

Step 7: Pour and Enjoy!

Now slowly pour the coffee into your cup. The result should be free of flakes or any leftover ground coffee with a strong and deep flavour.

We hope this guide has shown you how easy it is to make a delicious cafetiere/french press coffee. We love a fresh press with enjoy on a slow weekend morning with a freshly made breakfast or brunch feast.

It may take time and patience, but trust us when we say it is worth the wait!