How to Make the Best Instant Coffee

Instant coffee may not be to everyone’s taste, but it can be a simple and quick way to make a good coffee when in a rush or perhaps when you haven’t got the time to use a french press/cafetiere.

Whether you prefer instant coffee from your local supermarket or farmers market both will work to create a great instant coffee.

What you’ll need:

  • Your instant coffee of choice
  • Your favourite mug or cup


  • Your favourite sweetener if needed
  • Milk of choice

Step 1: Start with the ground coffee

With your mug or cup of choice add in your choice of ground coffee. If you do not have any, you can always freshly ground some coffee beans to make ground coffee, this will result in a much fresher and deeper flavour.

We have found that an independent or small coffee brewer provides much deeper flavoured coffee but whichever is accessible to you will still work.

The ideal amount is a teaspoon, to not create a too strong or overpowering flavour.

This would be the best and optimum time to add in your sweetener of choice if you take your coffee with a sweetener.

Step 2: Boil the water and stir together

Add around 200ml to your kettle and start boiling the water. We recommend using soft and filtered water for the best results and the best tasting coffee at the end. Otherwise, hard water can alter the taste of your coffee.

Take the kettle off just before it reaches the height of boiling. This is called de-oxygenating and will change the taste when added to your coffee.

Then once done, pour the hot water over the ground coffee. We recommend around 200ml for the optimum taste, but it depends on the size of your mug.

It is best to pour it up to the top of the mug, but making sure you leave enough room for milk. We advise you leaving even more room if you intend to use frothed or foamed milk as this takes up much more space than non-frothed milk.

Using a spoon stir your coffee to make sure both have thoroughly mixed and combined. Stirring also ensures that when it is ready, it has a deep yet fresh flavour.

Step 3: Add your milk

This step is adjustable to your own preference.

Cold Milk: If you are using cold milk add it in now and stir together.

Foamed or Frothed Milk: If you are using hot foamed or frothed milk, prep this now. Once ready add it to your coffee.

Step 4: Make some tweaks

Now, have a taste of your coffee and see how it tastes. It can be adjusted to your own preference, whether that is strong or weak.

Fancy is a little weaker? Add more milk.

Fancy it a little stronger? Add a little more coffee.


We hope that this guide has provided an insight into how to make the best instant coffee. Whether you like cold, hot or frothed milk with your morning instant coffee it can still provide good quality results.

We recommend a freshly made instant coffee with your morning breakfast or brunch for the perfect start to your day.